Keith Jeffreys

Keith joined the U.S. Army's 82d Airborne Division at 17. After joining the Army's 5th SFG (A) at 19 he served on ODA (UWO) 594 as a UWO Qualified Light Weapons Specialist with Vladimir "Jake" Jakovenko.

In 2004 while producing theater in Los Angeles Keith developed the concept of a military veteran-led non-profit that would assist veterans in the arts, humanities and entertainment industry. The organization grew to become USVAA: United States Veterans' Artists Alliance and is considered nationally as a leader in the veterans art movement. In the past 11 years Keith has continued to produce and direct theater -- including producing the first veteran-led Shakespeare Program in the United States (2008-2010).

In 2010 he directed and produced "Bug" at USVAA with Maribeth Monroe, Heidi Brook Myers (veteran), Christopher Sweeney (veteran), Skip Pipo and Casey Sullivan.

In 2012 and 2013 Keith worked with John DiFusco and John Perrin Flynn to produced John DiFusco's "The Long Way Home: Reflections on the Tracers Journey." In 2013 he again worked with DiFusco and Flynn and John Densmore to produce "Tracers" with an all military veteran cast (the first since 1991). Directed by John DiFusco, the production received glowing reviews including reviews by the LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE LA WEEKLY.

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